Kaur,Dr. Inderjit

Assistant Professor

Mahindroo,Dr. Ankit

Assistant Professor

Singh,Dr. Harjot

Assistant Professor

Gupta,Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Assistant Professor

Singh,Dr. Gurparkash

Associate Professor

Goyal,Dr. Gaurav

Assistant Professor

Garg,Dr. Arunesh

Assistant Professor

Goyal,Dr. Sandeep

Assistant Professor

Singh, Dr. Satveer

Assistant Professor

Rameshwar,Dr. Rudra

Assistant Professor

B.Pillai,Prof. Sreekumar


Garg,Dr. Sonia

Associate Professor

Bhutiani,Dr. Divya

Assistant Professor

Broca,Dr. Dilbagh Singh

LM Thapar Professor of Analytics

Hota,Dr. Pradeep

Associate Professor

Gupta,Dr. Vipul

Associate Professor

Ghuman,Dr. Karminder

Associate Professor

Narayanamurthy,Dr. Gopalakrishnan

Associate Professor

Bhardwaj,Dr. Amit

Assistant Professor

Kumar, Dr. Piyush

Assistant Professor

Verma, Dr. Piyush

Associate Professor

Shishodia, Dr. Anjali

Assistant Professor

Singh,Prof. ( Dr.) TP

Adjunct Professor

Jha,Dr. Amit Prakash

Assistant Professor

Singh, Siddaq P.

Instructor, Sustainability in Entrepreneurship and Practice (SIEP)

Nair, Dr. Padmakumar

Dean & Professor , LM Thapar School of Management

Spender, J. C.

Strategy and Business Ethics Kozminski University, Warsaw

Ek.D., Ph.D., M.A.

Prof. Sijde, PC Vander

Education Director, Master BCO VU University, The Netherlands

Visiting Professor of Organization Science & Business Innovation

Dr. Wakkee, Ingrid

Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation

VU University, The Netherlands

Prof. Fatzer, Gerhard

Owner & CEO, Trias Institute

Leadership and Organizational Development

Visiting Faculty, MIT Sloan School of Management

Dr. Pausits, Attila

Learning and Higher Education Danube University, Krems


Prof. Dr. Groen, A.J. (Aard)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Dean University of Groningen Professor of Entrepreneurship & Valorization

Center of Entrepreneurship (UGCE)

Prof. Bezzina, Frank

Operations Management University of Malta, Malta (EU)

Ph.D., M.Sc.

Prof. Walsh, Steve

Management of Technology UCLA Anderson School of Management

Ph.D. (Strategic Management)

Akiyama, Kenichiro

Global Human Resource Management and Japanese Management Practices MINORI Management Research Institute Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Gaur, Ajai

Strategic Management Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick


Prof. Biswas, Abhijit

Consumer Behaviour and Brand Management University of Texas, Dallas

Ph.D., M.S., B.Tech.

Prof. Merchant, Hemant

Strategic Management University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Krueger, Norris

Entrepreneurial Cognition


Efthymios, Dr.


Visiting Professor of Digital Marketing

Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

Dept. of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Int. Business and Marketing / NIKOS

University of Twente

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