Prof. Rajesh Chakrabarti

Chakrabarti, Prof. Rajesh

Director & Dean, LM Thapar School of Management

 Dr. Padmakumar Nair

Nair, Dr. Padmakumar

Director - Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

Aparna Unni

Unni, Aparna

Admissions and Outreach

Umesh Kumar

Kumar, Umesh

Program Management , DRP Office

Gurpreet Singh Virdi

Virdi, Gurpreet Singh

Campus Operations

Gyanendra Kumar Tiwari

Tiwari, Gyanendra Kumar

Program Management

Mansi Bhargava

Bhargava, Mansi

Alumni Relations

Rumeet Sandhu

Sandhu, Rumeet

Student counselor

Abdul Kabi

Kabi, Abdul

Campus Operations

Sarnish Kour

Kour, Sarnish

Accreditation and Special Projects

Jyoti Saini

Saini, Jyoti


Rajwinder Kaur

Kaur, Rajwinder


Navdeep Singh

Singh, Navdeep

Corporate Relations

Munish Prabharkar

Prabharkar, Munish

Corporate Relations

Nivedita Anand

Anand, Nivedita

Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Sahiba Sahni

Sahni, Sahiba

Admissions and Outreach

Gurpreet Kaur

Kaur, Gurpreet


Abhinav Sharma

Sharma, Abhinav



Prof. Rajesh Chakrabarti

Director & Dean, LM Thapar School of Management


It is exciting times for management education the world over. Technology, geopolitics and rapid innovation conspire to craft the futures of today’s students very differently from that of generations before them. Standard curricular approaches, models and structures struggle to arm students with the skills they need at the workplace. What can be “taught” in a classroom is already available online, usually free. Recruiters increasingly look for a combo of minds that can deal with unfamiliar landscapes, strategize in a VUCA world, and passion that can galvanize teams and execute in the face of surprises and disappointments. The arc of knowledge now needs to span from “coding to classics”!

As part of a major tech university of the country, LMTSM is uniquely poised to take on these challenges. Here we realize that learning will inevitably be global, digital and experiential. Paradigms can no longer be taught; they need to be shaped. Businesses will range from global to hyperlocal. Cultural ethos shall continue to define societies and yet borders will be more porous than ever.

Located just off the Chandigarh tri-city area, one of India’s best urban locations, LMTSM’s verdant campus is a perfect setting for reflection, interaction and experimentation. Whether as an aspiring B-Schooler, or a motivated public official, a corporate executive, a passionate entrepreneur, a seasoned recruiter, a global scholar or an aspiring academic, it is more likely than not that you will find what you want at LMTSM. Come, talk to us. Drop a line; or better still, just drop in. Who knows what we can create together? lol

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