Masters of Business Administration (Executive)

Our Executive MBA taught by a group of experienced Scholars, Teachers and Practitioners will help you unlock your potential to deal with challenges and opportunities offered by the modern business world.

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This is the right time to embark on a journey that you will cherish from a career point of view and very interesting times of an ever-changing business world.

Our programme will be one of the best in the country basis the faculty that teaches during the programme and the peers who join the cohort with you.

Our Executive MBA is a 18-month programme which will be conducted at the National Capital Region of Delhi and the tri-city of Chandigarh simultaneously.

Parts of the programme can also be conducted at our campuses in Patiala and Dera Bassi (near Chandigarh).


The Thapar Executive MBA program offers a choice of specializations. These specializations have been carefully put together incorporating feedback provided by both practitioners and academia. As a participant you can choose to take up any two of the following:

Branding and Marketing Management

Markets and marketing have evolved with the advent of AI and hyper broadband connectivity. Students specializing in this area will gain a deeper understanding of the important concepts and theories beyond what is covered in a typical introduction to marketing management course. The focus of this specialization will be on understanding branding, advertising, and consumer behaviour in the context of recent advances in digital marketing, AI-based data-base marketing etc.

Course Credit: 12

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance

This specialization is designed for non- finance professionals who are getting ready for senior general management roles. In this specialization, attention will be given to both financing start-ups to financing large projects within ongoing enterprises. Participants will be exposed to the latest financial instruments and financing approaches. Participants will also be trained in entrepreneurial financing and venture funding.

Course Credit: 12

Operations and Technology Management

“Uberization” of business models are providing extraordinary opportunities for creating new value. These new enabling platforms make the logistics of the interaction of various stakeholders seamless and enable businesses to save cost and achieve extra normal leverage. This specialization will give participants an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of supply chain management and the supporting technologies to make it lean and smart.

Course Credit: 12

Scholarly Practice Capstone Project

Course Credit: 10

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