Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor , Accounting & Finance

Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor , Accounting & Finance




Ph.D. (2016), Value Relevance of Degree of Leverages and its Impact on Systematic Risk: An Empirical Study from Indian Manufacturing Firms, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

MBA Finance & Control, (2006), Institute of Business Management, Kanpur University

B.Sc. (PCM), VSSD College, Kanpur

“What one cannot do, two can do and what one can do, two can do better? Therefore, I think, the idea of management is based on two Cs ‘Coordination and Cooperation’. To inculcate on the students the excitement of learning and practicing these two Cs is inevitable”.

My journey as a teacher started when I taught some of my MBA classmates, on their request, who had science and art background in their under-graduate studies, the financial accounting, corporate finance, and management accounting. I extensively helped these classmates in their studies throughout the period of MBA study. This enabled me inculcate on the teaching competency, collaboration, and cooperation. I will always remaingrateful to my classmatesfor their trust and support in building my career as a teacher. I worked as an accountantin a few companies for more than six years and thenI decided to make my career as a teacher in 2007. I joined Thapar Institute as a lecturer (contract)in the year 2008. However, my initial years of teaching, research, and services were very challenging as it was very difficult for me, being an ordinary student throughout my studies with no doctoral degree, to compete with highly qualified colleagues of mine. However, the professional environment of this Institute enabled me to significantly improve my teaching, research, and leadership skills. More than 10 years of my services at the Institute, Irealized that determination is more important than intelligence and I achieved so much because of my determination.

I believe that my students should work on developing two Ns (Knowledge and Networking) and cherishing three Hs (Help, Happiness, and Humility)for their success. My duty as a teacher is to help them work on these traits.I also encourage my students to always respect the conduct or behavior of people as profound study of scriptures alone does not make one learned; it is the righteous conduct that entitles one to be called a learned man.


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  • Pritpal Singh Bhullar and Pradeep Kumar Gupta (2017), 'Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Profitability of Banks: Evidence from Public Sector Banks', 'International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting', vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 404-416. ('C' rank in ABDC Rank list)

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Achievement, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Received Two times (Academic Years 2008-09 & 2012-13) Performance Award for Teaching under Performance Incentive Scheme (PIS), Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology.

  • Best Teacher in Financial Management awarded by Amar Ujala B School Excellence Awards & endorsed by Business School Affaire (BSA) and World Education Congress (WEC), November, 2012

  • UGC NET (Management) June, 2013

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