Gurparkash Singh

Associate Professor , Organization,Strategy and International Management

Gurparkash Singh

Associate Professor , Organization,Strategy and International Management




PhD in Knowledge Building, reflective thinking & Groupware technology, School of Management & Information Systems, CQ University, Australia

Masters in Information Systems ,(By Research), School of Management & Information Systems, CQ University, Australia*

Diploma in Information Technology , MAHE, India

BA (Honors) , St. Stephens College, Delhi University, India

* Campus Director's Award for excellent achievement in academics, leadership qualities and over all development, MAHE, India.

Management education has witnessed tremendous demand in past decade or so. It has also transformed from its early roots and focus on traditional domains to become multi-faceted and multidisciplinary in its teaching and research.

My journey as a student of management did not have a traditional beginning. I completed my graduation in History Honors from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi University. In my graduation, I was fascinated and intrigued by my Early Indian History Professor. He had an elegant demeanor and certain sense of responsibility in his teaching approach.

It was during my graduation that I became interested in Information Communication Technology. I used to spend several hours in our Technology Lab and have engaged conversations with our Lab Assistant about Hardware, Communications, and Networks etc. I decided to pursue a Master’s in IT and enrolled at Manipal Academy. It was purely serendipity that during my 1st year, I got selected for a Master’s in Information Systems program at Central Queensland University, Australia.

During my Master’s, I was exposed to a totally different pedagogical approach – it was more student-centered and innovative in the sense of using ICT for learning. Sensing my interest in Technology & Learning, it was my Professor in Database Systems who really encouraged me to think about a career in Teaching. I got campus placement as a Project Analyst Trainee for a big telecommunication provider in Australia. Working as Project Analyst, I became heavily obsessed by how small groups collaboratively work using Groupware Technology. It was during a training and development workshop, that I met my future PhD Supervisor and life-long mentor. In our online and offline conversations, he really infused a strong sense to research how small groups create knowledge. It was my Supervisor from CQUni at Rockhampton who persuaded me to apply for Australian Post Graduate Research Scholarship which I eventually got and started working as Research Assistant at CQUni, Rockhampton.

It was my time at Rockhampton, working for a research-consulting group; GroupSolutionS, that really kick started my teaching journey. I worked as an Assistant for my Supervisor in the course on Knowledge Management. It gave me a strong sense of fulfillment while interacting with wide ranging demographic cohort of students. I received numerous teaching and research awards during my stay at CQUni. Reflecting back, I think it was my Supervisor who consistently challenged me, asked tough questions and encouraged me to innovate, that has really shaped my teaching philosophy. We quickly developed a good rapport and had deep engaging discourse about purpose of education, and role of educators. The keywords which came out from these conversations would eventually sum down to; social responsibility, morals, equitable behavior and taking informed-risks for motivating students. I always encourage my students to be citizens of Earth and realize the ubiquitous nature of management; and how they can really bring about positive change in society by being ethical, responsible and kind to their fellow beings and our Earth.

Having completed my PhD in Knowledge Management, I decided to move back to India in 2012 and share whatever know-how I had developed over the years. Here at LMTSM, I study and share my know-how in Ethics, Sustainability and Information Systems. My message to my students is to be kind, scholarly and informed citizens of the world.


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Achievement, Awards and Recognitions:

Best paper award at an International conference - InSITE 2007 – top 5% of submitted papers

Learning & Teaching Award for implementing authentic assessment, 2009 Central Queensland University, School of Mgt. & IS

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