Inderjit Kaur

Assistant Professor , Accounting & Finance

Inderjit Kaur

Assistant Professor , Accounting & Finance



PhD/FPM (Finance) (2015), Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management, Faridabad, India

MPhil (Finance) (2008), Choudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, India

MBA (Finance and Economics) (2001), Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, India

B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) (1998), Madras University, India

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“Finance seems to be number game but is the most basic necessity of human life and so for organizations. It is quintessential for survival. I am passionate about imparting this life saving skill to my students. I drive satisfaction from seeing my students getting matured in understanding of money matters with ethics.”

I had always been a meritorious student. I was in merit list of Punjab School Education Board for Matriculation and Senior Secondary, College topper in 7/8 semesters in B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) from University of Madras, and Merit certificate holder in M.B.A (Finance & Economics) from Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana.

I did Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM) from National Institute of Financial Management, Faridabad (under Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India). I was topper of my batch for the course work.

I pursued my doctoral research in Performance and its Determinants of Mutual Funds in India. The papers based on thesis have been published in ABDC ranked and Scopus listed journals.

Teaching Interests: Financial Management, Investment Analysis, Corporate Valuation
Research Interests: Portfolio Optimization, Asset Pricing, Inequality, Financial Inclusion, Exchange rate forecasting

Journal Publications

  1. Inderjit Kaur, Kamal Vagrecha, Causality between equity mutual fund flows, stock market return and volatility: Indian evidence. International Journal of Business and Globalization, Inderscience. Forthcoming. ABDC ranking: C
  2. Neba Bhalla, Rakesh Sharma, Inderjit Kaur, Effect of Goods and Service Tax System on Business Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Forthcoming, SAGE Open, Scopus and SCIMago indexed.
  3. Neba Bhalla, Rakesh Sharma, Inderjit Kaur, Investigating the effect of Goods and Service tax on operational performance, cost efficiency and profit margins of MSMEs, Int. Journal of accounting, auditing and performance evaluation, Forthcoming, Scopus Indexed
  4. Neba Bhalla, Rakesh Sharma, Inderjit Kaur, Goods and Service tax: A compromise or breakthrough, International Journal of Business Excellence, Forthcoming, Scopus Indexed
  5. Neba Bhalla, Rakesh Sharma, Inderjit Kaur, Impact of Goods and Service tax on MSME sector: A study using Artificial Neural Network and Multivariate analysis of variance, The Indian Economic Journal, Forthcoming, ABDC and ICI indexed
  6. Neba Bhalla, Inderjit Kaur, Rakesh Sharma, Examining the effect of tax reform determinants, firms’ characteristics and demographic factors on the financial performance of small and micro enterprises. Sustainability, Vol 14, 2022, SSCI indexed.
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  10. Inderjit Kaur, Mutual fund’s investors behaviour towards information search and selection criteria: do knowledge and perception about mutual funds matter? Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, Vol 10(4), 2018, Emerald. ABDC ranking-B.
  11. Inderjit Kaur, C.P. Gupta, & K.P. Kaushik, Impact of Dynamic Risk Strategy of Mutual Funds on their Performance: Evidence from Indian Equity Mutual Funds. South Asian Journal of Management, 25(1), 1-21, 2018. ABDC ranking-C.
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  15. Inderjit Kaur, Early warning system of currency crisis- Insights from global crisis 2008, The IUP Journal of Applied Economics, Vol. 14(1), 69-83, Jan., 2015. ABDC ranking-C.
  16. Inderjit Kaur, Effect of fund attributes on efficiency: cross-sectional evidence from Indian equity mutual funds, Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research, Vol. 3(4), 35-46, Jan., 2014. ABDC ranking-C.
  17. Inderjit Kaur, Capital structure decision- theoretical underpinnings and empirical evidences, Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research, Vol. 3 (1), 39-46, Jan., 2014. ABDC ranking-C.
  18. Inderjit Kaur, Performance, Timing and Selectivity skills of Indian Equity Mutual funds: an empirical approach, Researchers World-Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, Vol. 4 (4), 87-94, Oct., 2013.
    Text Book/Edited Book
  19. Inderjit Kaur, K.P. Kaushik, “Performance Evaluation of Equity Mutual Funds in India- A non-parametric approach”, Chapter 10 in an edited volume on An Application on Computational and Financial Econometrics, published by Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd, ISBN: 978-93-82951-36-0 (2013).
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    Conference Proceedings
  23. Inderjit Kaur, K.P. Kaushik, Macroeconomic Risk and Equity Fund Returns, 2nd International Conference on Economics and Finance: Conference Paper and Proceedings, 2015, Nepal Rashtra Bank, 350-, ISBN: 978-9937-2-9435-5.
  24. Inderjit Kaur, K.P. Kaushik, Ownership, Fund characteristics and Fund Performance, Evidence based Management: Practices in Economics and Finance, 2015, 93-103, ISBN: 978-93-84935-18-4.

Achievement, Awards and Recognitions:

UGC-NET qualified

Fellow of NIFM under Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India

Assisted Sponsored Project on, “Estimation of Unaccounted Income/Wealth within and outside India”, sponsored by CBDT, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. (June 2011-May 2012)

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