We at LMTSM are guided by the following core values in the pursuit of our mission
  • Ethical Decision Making

We strive to be moral, rational, transparent and accountable in our decisions and actions. Our attempt is to imbibe the same approach and mannerism among our students by inculcating in them the spirit of ownership for their decisions. They are also guided to recognize and execute their professional responsibilities in an ethical way.

  • Inclusiveness

We want to create socially aware managers who understand the value of the productive capacity of the masses in India, and who can see beyond all social and economic class divisions in the society. Our students are guided to understand the effects of their professional pursuits on various sections of the society. They are also advised to work towards larger good of the masses while maximizing benefit of their organizations.

  • Sustainability orientation

We are working towards developing students with a sustainability mindset. Our students should be passionate about social, economic, environmental and resource sustainability challenges. They should also recognize the relationship of social and economic growth with environment, and understand the fact that their present actions can influence and force future generations to compromise on their ability to meet their own needs.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

We try to promote professional development of our students to inculcate entrepreneurial attitude and skills by exposing them to a creative and responsive curriculum. Students are not only mentored to occupy jobs but also guided to create jobs. We want them to develop their analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills for undertaking innovation and scholarly endeavors for their contribution in business practices.

  • Confidence with humility

Our endeavor is to prepare confident students who have trust in their knowledge and abilities. At the same time, we want them to grow as humble professionals with right attitude and conduct. The students are advised to learn the art of humble confidence so that they exhibit confidence to persuade others with their business acumen, and also have the humility to learn from others during their professional and life journey. The confidence gained as a result of professional expertise and success should not make them bigheaded.


LM Thapar School of Management

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