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A day at LMTSM: Infinite Learning, Infinite Perspectives

By Sameer Raj

As a life-long day-scholar, taking up hostel at LM Thapar School of Management was an experience that I was looking forward to as well as excited about. A lot of people told me that staying in a hostel during college is a thing one should experience at least once in one’s life. Now that a month has passed since I've started my journey at LMTSM I have decided to detail what goes on in a day for a first-year student at LMTSM.

We wake up to the first rays of the sun excited for all the new ideas and experiences that are waiting to come our way. I prefer going for a walk if I can manage it as the campus is really peaceful and sometimes nature’s beauty just sneaks up on you and you end up feeling nothing but bliss and gratitude for the fact that you live in such a beautiful campus.

We head for breakfast after getting ready. Fueling up on the delicious and nutritious food that is served to remain charged and focused throughout the morning lectures and catch up with friends about all that happened in the small hours of the night.

As we reach college to attend classes, excited to learn new things and discuss a few ideas of our own.

After discussing ideas and concepts with our esteemed faculty the entire morning, it’s time for lunch where we catch up with friends and discuss the latest happenings in-between bites of food as well as things such as “Tere lecture mein kya hua?”, “Hamare toh yeh topic chal rha”,”Latest movie konsi aayi hai?”, “Check out this meme bro!!!”,”Evening mein free hai toh Chandigarh chale?”.

Classes resume post-lunch. We discuss more ideas and concepts with the faculty and our peers as well as try to find new ways of getting things done all the while having fun doing so. As the workday draws to a close, we head to the cafeteria to tackle the most daunting question of the day, "Chai ke Saath kya khaana hai Aaj?”

Even though, the workday is long and arduous we still have the energy to spare as we engage in extra-curricular activities and utilize the opportunity to take part in various debate clubs organized and moderated by our cool seniors. Be it Debate Clubs, Music, Photography there’s tons of fun to be had while you learn something new.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” To remedy this we head out to the playing courts for a session of competitive but fun matches among friends, though we may play hard we play fair.

After a bout of fun, we head to the mess to have dinner and engage in a free-for-all when it comes to dessert.

Post-dinner we have a walk/fun with friends as well as trying new stunts on the kiddie swings. We finally return to the hostel with the expectation of dealing with assignment work and submission, reality turns out to be the fact that you engage in shits and giggles with the boys and practice for your master-chef auditions by cooking infinite variations of the “Midnight Maggi”. We finally go to sleep feeling pretty satisfied with ourselves.


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