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By Shrey Srinivas

Although it has only been two weeks that our session has started, I feel that it is safe to say that these two weeks have been close to a roller coaster ride solely because of the difference between how it began, how it eventually panned out and how I feel about everything now. During my graduation days at pune I learned that first impressions could be deceiving and now that I give it a thought, it does make sense. During my first two days at LMTSM I was feeling disempowered around my fellow fresher’s because of the cultural differences. I hail from Pune and my lifestyle is completely different from what I observed here. I also observed that people had already made groups and would chill together from dusk till dawn. However it didn’t take much time for me to realise that all this was only in my head. During the latter half of my first week here I noticed that the people were indifferent to where I came from or what I had done prior to joining LM Thapar, People here were warm and welcoming and this changed my perception completely. On our orientation day we were told that our best friend is our roommate and I believe that it is quite true in my case. Within the next two days I had made great friends and I was also a part of the post dinner strolls around the campus and the weekend getaways or as they say in the local lingo “GEDIYAN” to Chandigarh.

However the next challenge was not far away. In our second SIP session I was left with the thought that I was learning so much and had so much to learn, but I didn’t really feel like I had much to contribute back to the society, which was again very taxing because I think what makes LMTSM so unique and special is that this is a place where you’re not just here to learn but you’re here to teach about your own perspective. So it just felt like a sort of one way relationship for the first half of my second week here. Things started to change when the faculty here made sessions interactive, they asked us to apply theories into real life problems and find solutions through a managerial perspective. We were privileged enough to attend workshops on phenomenon based learning which taught us to have a free mind set. It was because of such activities that I realised everyone around me had different perspectives and cognitions and no perspective was wrong. I started putting forward my perspective and at the same time gained confidence.

To quote Sylvia Plath “the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” It has been two weeks and I can proudly say that I am a student of the MBA programme at LMTSM. It not only possesses a beautiful state of the art campus but it is a place where opportunities are created and goals are met, all one needs to do is taking initiatives and be creative. I’m excited about the next two years here and I’m also getting a better sense of how to go about my time here.    


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