Why TSM?

We are a different kind of business school, our reason for existence is distinctly different from most other, 3000 plus business schools in India and another 9000 plus in the rest of the world. At LM Thapar School of Management ( LM TSM), we stand to change the way the world conducts business and the way business schools engage the world. We believe that business schools have a unique and important role in our society, different from the commonly projected role of value creation in a narrow sense! Blind value creation is unethical and unsustainable. We focus on helping our students to look at value from a holistic point of view. What is important is achieving overall societal well-being through corporations, entrepreneurial ventures and governments at every level. We teach both the power and limitations of free market. We teach both the positive and negative impacts of leadership. Also we make our students aware of the fact that the science of business administration is dynamic and continuously evolving and our students must be the architects and designers of this evolution. We passionately focus on:

  • Developing entrepreneurial mind-set in our students
  • Instilling ethical decision making grounded in Indian ethos
  • Promoting sustainable living among both students and faculty
  • Practicing consultative problem solving through actionable framing
  • Imparting global awareness and cross cultural understanding

All of this is made possible by a group of experienced faculty from both India and abroad. We nurture our students by giving them individualised attention keeping in mind that each student is unique and has specific needs, expectations and aspirations. An enabling infrastructure that is state of the art and designed to facilitate interactive and collaborative education. Strong interaction with the industry and community aimed at building leadership through consulting, industry internships, seminars and learning through workshops. Above all we strive for achieving 100% student engagement. We aim to providing our students with every opportunity to develop their skills and live up to their dreams; be it in professional consulting, entrepreneurial activities for setting up new commercial or social enterprises, industry engagement or other meaningful engagements such as politics & community engagement or civil services. We also strongly encourage our students to consider higher studies both in India and abroad.

Ultimately we want our graduates to be known for:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Quantitative thinking
  • Global orientation
  • Consultative approach


LM Thapar School of Management

Dera Bassi Campus,
Off Derabassi - Barwala road
District Mohali- 140507
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