The MBA Programme at LMTSM revolves around the principles of ethical decision making, inclusive human resources management, sustainable strategy and entrepreneurial development. The teaching philosophy underlying above principles is that future business managers and leaders will be working in a global environment and thus need to be nurtured with personalised attention. The MBA program thus focuses on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, analytical thinking, global orientation and consultative approach to solving the most challenging and complex problems faced by corporations and policy makers. The program is aimed at developing ethically responsible professionals; leaders who can communicate effectively to frame problems and provide solutions through social and commercial entrepreneurial activities. A mix of diverse teaching methods such as case studies, focused workshops, lectures and discussions, simulation games, and collaborative learning is adopted to provide a holistic learning experience.

The programme specifically attempts to:

  • Equip students with the required skills and knowledge in consultative and quantitative problem solving; and socially responsible ethical decision making.
  • Develop leadership capabilities to act as agents of change in promoting and developing social and commercial entrepreneurial activities.
  • Nurture business professionals who are aware about the globalised nature of contemporary business, culturally sensitive about managing business networks and relations, and understand the relationship between self, society and business environment. This is achieved by specifically designed activities and courses that encourage students to learn act and reflect.

Programme Structure

The two-year programme is divided into six trimesters which include 35 full-credit courses (24 core courses and 11 elective courses), an Independent Study (Exploring theory of life), a Summer Internship and an Advanced Management Research Project (AMRP).

  • 1.The first year courses cover key functional areas of management such as Finance, Human Resource, Economics, Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Techniques and Operations management.
  • 2.In the second year the programme offers some core courses (Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and elective courses in five areas of specialization (Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Information Systems).
  • 3.Exploring theory of life: An Independent Study – This course requires participation of the student to work on their topic of choice under close supervision of two (2) faculty members.
  • 4.Summer Internship: the student is required to do a summer project on any aspect of Business Management in the industry for six to eight weeks at the end of the first year.
  • 5.Advanced Management Research Project (AMRP) – A real life industry project would be assigned to the students where they are expected to identify and frame problems, develop or model a solution, collect & analyze data, document and submit their findings in terms of validating/refuting an existing management practice. This project will be an individual project and may be an extension of the “summer internship” project undertaken by students.


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