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Aashish Goyal (BE-MBA)

Company: BECHTEL

Batch: 2013-18

Spending 2 years at LM Thapar School of Management have helped me to gain excellent subject knowledge and the right attitude through various opportunities like working on case studies, being taught by international visiting faculty along with our own faculty and spending a semester at University of Malta (EU) that came across my way during these two years.

I would like to thank the college placement team who ensured that we, the students, are well organized, have attention to detail, have commendable client facing skills and are very clear and confident while talking to even international clients by organizing numerous sessions with industry experts, communication experts and also, speakers from different fields. Organizing sessions like Green Belt in six sigma by KPMG and the 2-year long training modules which make the students ready for interviews, they provide the students with strong competitive advantages. All these have culminated in making us corporate ready and securing above average opportunities. Be it providing internship opportunities to work on latest projects like IoT in supply chain or getting companies like Bechtel on campus for hiring, the placement team have made sure that the students have the right platform to propel their career to greater heights.

I am and will always be grateful to the management team.


Company: GENPACT

Batch: 2010-12

Thapar school of management has the most rigorous and dynamic curriculum. Throughout the course we have been taught diverse subjects through the use of real business cases, group presentations, and interactive industry sessions.

Studying human resource management at Thapar has instilled a consultative and enterprising approach. The classroom knowledge has helped me understand and have a real sight of things with a broader perspective rather than having a myopic vision. I am a doer, achiever and problem solver and can quickly understand any difficult situation and implement my experience and learning into practice to benefit and achieve organizational goals and this is because I have the DNA of Thapar business school.

“Success and growing is all about mapping your personal goals with organizational goal”, the sooner you realize and act accordingly the better positioned you are in your career. I have learnt this at Thapar School of management and is a great learning for anyone who aspires to be a successful professional.


Company: ZOMATO

Batch: 2016-18

The Institute, LM Thapar School of Management offers a platform to its students to experiment, explore and grow-both professionally and personally. Empowered with different theories of life that enable one to discover self and understand surroundings, we learn to do our bit in a way that matters.

Our visionary Director, Dr Nair and the learned faculty inspire us to never accept anything termed 'impossible' and help each student to create his or her distinctive benchmarks. We learn to reach the heights of success. The progressive culture at the campus and the freedom to dream big is what hallmarks LMTSM making the environment conducive to learning and the logistics of interaction seamless. Sustainability is something we all uphold and nurture.

The Courses I took were extremely practical, my favourites being CCPS; Creativity and Innovation; Organisation, Managing and Leading ;Consumer Behaviour and Management Across Cultures- which gave me an insight into the real corporate world, initiating our journey from Class rooms to the Corporates. The Committees I was a part of, namely The Placement Cell and Sit Disputatio taught me how to be an effective team player, organize and manage events/processes and take responsibility for my actions. The Placement Cell always focused on making the students employable, continuously polishing their skills through Training and Employability Sessions. Also, the experience of having been chosen the House Captain for Sustainables was overwhelming.

LMTSM also honed my skills as an orator and an anchor, something for which I shall always be grateful. We are groomed towards realising our priorities and at the same time, gave us the liberty to explore different fields.

LMTSM was a home away from home. Safety and security of all the students was one of the top priorities. Spending so much time with each other, we had all become a small family- the students, the professors and the support staff.

My experience at LM Thapar School of Management has been nothing short of incredible.

Each day at the campus was productive and made me want to become a better person.

My journey of professional and personal growth in the two years has left a very satisfying impact on me. I have experienced satisfaction of undertaking and executing tasks to the best of my abilities. My experience at LMTSM made me remember the profound thought, Don't tell me the sky is the limit for there are footprints on the moon!



BATCH: 2016-18

This is one of the best B-school in the region, the college infrastructure is awesome.

Talented students help in enhanced learning.

The student to faculty ratio is fine. The faculty of the college is well versed with the current market trends. Visiting & guest faculty are invited to the college so that students can gather effective exposure.

Overall placements are decent & the pedagogy is developed to train the students into world class professionals.

The location is serene, but the brand value is what pulls corporate to Thapar.



BATCH: 2015 -17

I am Manmeet Singh, am Alumni of LMTSM. I got campus placement in Azure Power (Incl. India's top 5 solar companies with 1 GW above portfolio) and am working with same company from past one year. I would like to thank the exceptional faculty of LMTSM that contributed a lot to shape my career. There's a lot of peer learning outside the class, learning from guest lectures and in general. The credibility of this institute is because of the quality of education being imparted here.

Students are taught the ethics and morals behind business, the changing climate and are made able to discern business solutions to the problems by the time they graduate, course structure is designed to help students work together as much as required in business setting.

Apart from being academic oriented, LMTSM also focuses on all over grooming of students through sports and various competitions. Institute begins its induction through"Frosh Week" which focuses on different activities related to engagement and interaction between students help in building Mutual Trust, Companionship, Confidence and Leadership attributes.

The placement cell of the institute provides various sessions to groom up and guide for placements in the campus. It is extremely beneficial and helps you to crack any interview and the chances of placements become 100% bright. Every type of company approaches LMTSM and offers good package to students.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" So LMTSM is a place where you discover yourself and build a career.



BATCH: 2015-17

LM Thapar School of management has helped me to get placed in one of my dream companies, Moody's Analytics. I owe all the credit to the school who helped me prepare for the placement process.

The course has been designed in such a manner that during the study I was able to focus on theoretical concepts as well enrich my practical experience.

The faculty is quite helpful, teachers guided me at each step right from the internship to the placement process. The overall preparation during the course let me deliver my best at the work. All the case studies, Presentations, evaluations that I learned during the course made me confident and ready for my current job role.

I was able to learn all the current financial standards, the industry standards and the implementation of the same. During the placement process the school made all the efforts right from helping students with mock interviews, placements papers etc.

‌Apart from the academic excellence the campus environment and the extra curriculum activities made me confident, dynamic and an extra achiever in all aspects of life.

‌I am thankful to the school which gave me an amazing kick start to my career. I am thankful to all the teachers and the staff who guided me at each step in building my career.

Jatin Sahdev


Batch: 2016 – 18

Better Sweat In Peace Than Bleed in War :

LMTSM has a unique and Innovative approach to Business Education which focuses on providing the right knowledge, Imparting the right skills for enduring success in your career and shaping the right attitudes which includes being humble and polite as well. Thus Preparing the students for the real life challenges by incorporating vigorous case studies from Harvard Business School.

I got benefitted from core faculty, distinguished academicians & domain experts along-with the leading corporate professionals with their industry experience that encouraged me to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning. Our Director of LMTSM has vision of making LMTSM the best B-School in the country and works vigorously towards achieving this goal by working with all the students & faculty at ground level.

Most Importantly LMTSM has a very much dedicated Placement Cell which guides students for sustainable career plans, enhanced soft-skills and placement preparations are given special care from the very beginning preparing students for the Interviews, GDs and Tests which help all the students to effectively and efficiently work towards their transition from being a student at LMTSM to a World Class Professional.

So If you aspire to be an eminent professional in the field of management then join hands with the best in class Thapar University and they will make you fly high and hit the bulls eye.

So as an alumni of LMTSM, we all welcome you to the new world of opportunities and learning. New India Starts Here !!

Pranav Pal Singh Randhawa

Company: HAVELLS

Batch: 2013 – 18

I have been part of Thapar family for last 5 years as I was enrolled in an integrated BE-MBA course. Thapar is one of the best colleges in North India. Good environment, green campus, good infrastructure and quality of teaching. Events that take place here help in improving organizing skills and personality development. Students have enormous opportunities to excel in their field. Student teacher interaction is good. Global sensitivity and awareness is a major emphasis in order to make better understanding of the market today. Way to a better India. Foreign faculty is good.

There are various sessions conducted by foreign faculty in second year. LMTSM is best in providing global exposure through its Global Immersion Program. My experience at University of Malta was very good which helped me to learn and grow academically and intellectually. It was truly multi-dimensional experience.

Internship opportunity at Volvo Eicher and semester abroad helped me in getting a job at Havells India Limited. There are a lot of opportunities for those who desire to succeed. Placement team was very cooperative and helped me throughout. College also provides placement training sessions conducted by professionals to prepare students prior to placement drives. I would always cherish the time Thapar gave me in my life. My mentors, friends, everything was special.

Chhavi Jain


Batch: 2016-18

LMTSM - A place where I have been transformed into a better person. This place has prepared me well to stand in the industry and to face the challenges, confidently. Everything about LMTSM is mesmerizing, from the scenic beauty of the campus, the student life and everything else. The whole contexture of this place is focused on imparting knowledge. Young and innovative minds thrive in the milieu that this University offers. The comprehensive course plan and the growth oriented curriculum which includes mandatory internships, industrial tour and placement assistance helped me build the necessary skills and acumen to distinguish oneself in today's competitive world. The faculty is technically competent and their ability to impart knowledge is impeccable. My experience at LMTSM has been wonderful and within a short span I've gained great industry exposure pertaining to my specialization. The University teaches us to be competent and well equipped to deal with the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. Past two years were undoubtedly a perfect combination of academics and fun, which every student would yearn for. For me, LMTSM will always be a parable of unforgettable memories!


Company: HYUNDAI

BATCH : 2016-18

Having been placed in Hyundai Motors is a real big achievement for me. I owe my success to LM Thapar School of Management whose student driven culture coupled with the brilliant mentorship of our faculty has helped me accomplish my personal and professional goals. The exposure to contemporary management practices played an important role for my candidature. It has provided me with the best platform to showcase my skills and creativity and has ultimately enabled to land a good career start with one of the strongest automobile companies of the country.



BATCH : 2016-18

My current job profile requires proactiveness and I could do that because I was always proactive in the college whether it was cultural activities or assignments.

I always made sure I learn something from everything I did whether it was our strategic management classes or entrepreneur classes.

MBA is not about scoring good marks it's all about what skills you add in your resume.

I waited for the right opportunity and gave interview in Delhivery and got a chance to visit Chennai for a week during my internship with the company.

I developed skills of being proactive, taking initiatives (being part of snack Barrel, yoga sessions organised), decision making through capstone.

I'm working with IIM students the only difference is they are good with presentations and market study.



BATCH : 2012-17

I did my Engineering and MBA both from Thapar University, 3 years at Patiala Campus and 2 years at LMTSM and I can see the clear difference in personality over these years of my life.

Life at LMTSM literally changes the way a person thinks and observes. This paved the way for many learning experiences over the period of two years. Over these two years I have

  • Been part of summer internship team

  • Headed health and fitness society

  • Live projects with a startup

  • Live projects along with seniors and juniors

  • Organized number of events

During my stay at LMTSM, I have become a better human being which gets reflected in my approach towards my work and my colleagues at work. I as a person have become more responsible, independent, active towards society and my belief in gender equality rose up to a different level. Today I am working with Steel Strips Wheels Limited for almost 1.5 years and have directly been promoted to Deputy Manager (Marketing) from Management Trainee. This is one of my biggest achievement till date and LMTSM plays a critical role in this.



BATCH : 2016-18

LM Thapar School Of Management is one of the prestigious colleges of North India and it gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I was a part of it . It was a great experience in terms of learning , knowledge , international exposure and future opportunities . College has all the best facilities under one roof - an amazing green campus , great infrastructure ,well stocked library and a panel of great faculty members who are all well qualified and have deep knowledge . I am thankful to LMTSM for giving me holistic development throughout the programme not only in academics but also provided value added sessions , co- curricular activities and practical exposures . I also got a life changing opportunity of studying one semester in University of Malta (Europe) as a visiting student which gave me a hands on experience for the recent trends in technology available in the IT sector and of course an edge over other students . It also helped me grab international placement in one of the 'Big Four' auditor organisations of the world KPMG Crimsonwing. I would like to thank the amazing faculty for being so supportive and willing to help and of course the placement team for always motivating me and helping me grab such a big opportunity . The two years spent here were splendid and helped me grow better professionally and personally. To be honest I would say , LMTSM is a place where potentials are harnessed , skills are developed , confidence is built and dreams are realized . I express my gratitude to the Thapar family for turning me into a better person and making my dreams come true .

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Our success starts with our alumni whose achievements are a direct reflection on our standing as one of the best University's in the country. Many have gone on to prominence with their determination and dedication in chosen field of study and continue to make their mark. Below mentioned are few amongst many of our Alumni creating, inspiring and innovating in various sectors.

  • Initiate

  • Innovate

  • Inspire

  • Implement

We at LMTSM strongly believe in the power of 4 I’s- Initiate, Innovate, Inspire and Implement. As a business school striving for the intellectual freedom of our stakeholders, we inspire our students, faculty members and staff to find innovative ideas and fearlessly take initiatives to implement those ideas.

The journey of a student at LMTSM continues long after they graduate. As a member of Thapar's alumni association students have access to a global network.

At Thapar we organise a wide range of seminars, talks, networking events, and social events to allow alumni to preserve their ties and develop their interests. Alumni can choose for their profile to be included in our database with our Employability Team from which potential candidate details are shared with top companies. There are exclusive events organized to invite alumni as exclusive guest speaker and other networking events.

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Alumni Speaks

"Studying finance with the case based pedagogy that provided me exposure to the advanced concepts. I am currently applying my classroom knowledge to solve real world finance related problems."
-KiranjotKaur Gill
Reliance ADAG

"The diverse experience of my colleagues accentuated my learning as I got different perspectives on analysing case studies and real business problems. This exposure during my MBA program has really held me in good stead in my current role at Adobe."
-Nidhi Grover

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