Is Political oratory the only criteria

Is Political oratory the only criteria.....???

These days, we see the politicians who are good at communicating their thoughts to the masses tend to be more successful than others. I was reading a book named "INDIA AFTER GANDHI" written by Ramachandra Guha. I was lost in the events that happened in our country just after independence. It made me think that which were the qualities that people like Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah possessed which gave them role of representing masses. Ideologies of a person vary but something common must be there which made them a leader. I thought a lot about it and came to the below mentioned conclusions-:

-- A deep belief in the philosophy/ ideology in a certain course of action which eventually permeates into the masses.
-- A sense of dissatisfaction with the present situation and belief in the counter measures.
-- Ability to influence the masses.

Now, first two qualities deal with the psychic part of the politician which is not directly visible or which hardly plays a direct role in influencing the masses.
Third common quality plays a wider role at least in the present scenario of politics.

Even in the 2014 general elections, a biggest reason for Modi to become the Prime Minister of the country was his ability to share his views on each and every issue prevailing in the country in those times. His way of giving speeches portrayed his image of being a strong person and a change maker.
But can we conclude that communication ability is the only parameter that acts as a competitive advantage in public life....?

I don’t think so.,

I saw videos of speeches by Dr. V.P. Singh, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. They were not “that” great orators as Modi appears to be but they were not bad either. Atal bihari vajpayee seems to be close to Modi in oratory skills but he appears to be more calm and less aggressive and then Modi says he treats Atal ji as his “GURU” . Dr. Manmohan Singh ruled the country for 10 years. Keeping aside the criticism, there have to be some qualities in that person to be able to sustain the highest political chair for 10 years. His oratory skills were not that great. So, what acts as a competitive advantage?

I think, a certain marketing phenomena occurs on its own which leads to the selection of a party or of a leader, for that matter. A right politician would be a person who can read the pulse of the crowd and take steps accordingly. The fame of Modi reached the south of India without any effort put in by BJP. Rajnath singh, the head of BJP at that time took this bold step of projecting Modi as a PRIME MINISTERIAL candidate seeing his fame in the country inspite of the fact that he has never been active in central politics of the country before.

I conclude by saying that there are some seen and unseen factors that lead to rise and fall of a leader. There cannot be a defined way by which we can ascertain a leader's success to a certain quality be it the “ART OF COMMUNICATION”.


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